Using Wordle as a Senior Remembrance

As a music teacher, I have had a tough time trying to figure out where to incorporate Wordle into my classroom.  In the elementary class it would be great to import song lyrics in to decipher meanings.  In the high school level it could be used for the same, but I had a fun idea for this year’s Senior Class and I think they enjoyed it (although probably not as much as I enjoyed making them!).

Our final exams in the vocal music classroom are really more of a self-evaluation and reflection of the past year.  The final question is always “What have you personally gained, musically and non-musically, from being a part of a vocal music class this year?”  Students reply with wonderful essays and we ask that they sign a release at the bottom so their essays could be used for justification of how our program helps students – if it were to ever come to that.

Our final exams were created in a Google Doc (click to view the exam) form this year (much easier to grade AND administer this way!) and they were taken in the computer lab.  I dragged our electric piano into the lab and played intervals for ear training and they completed the rest of the exam when they were through with intervals.

What have you personally gained, musically and non-musically, from being a part of a vocal music class this year?

When the Seniors completed their exams, I took this final essay question answer from each individual student, copied it into the Wordle template and just let it randomly choose colors and formats for me.  I printed the document to a PDF file (using CutePDF – a free PDF writing download) and printed them on colored paper.  We presented the Wordle (an individualized one for each Senior) to them with their Paper Plate awards on the Seniors’ last day of school.  They really liked them and my co-director and I had fun using the Wordles to quickly assess the key attributes each student felt they took away from this class.

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