This is Me and a bit of what I do…

I am a music educator in a small city about 25 miles north of Detroit.  I received my Bachelor of Education in music from Wayne State University in Detroit in 2003.  I’ve been teaching in this district ever since.

When I was hired, my job description was “Elementary General Music” including recorders and band.  Within 2 weeks I was tagged to accompany the high school choir.  I now co-direct at the high school three days a week while keeping up with my elementary music job.

We have a district with 8 elementary schools (K-5), 2 middle schools (6-8) and 1 high school (9-12).  There are 6,000+ students in this middle class district.  There are 2 full-time band directors at the high school and one at each middle school.  Every elementary school has a 5th grade band program.  The instrumental music program is very strong.  We have 1 hour of choir at each middle school and 2 hours at the high school.  The vocal music program is rebuilding at best.  They are very strong, but small in numbers.

The music educators in this district are quite fortunate – we see our students for 80 minutes a week, 2-40 minute classes.  We have a very strong curriculum and a very supportive administration, K-12.  That is partially because of the success of our band program.  Our music programs are considered among the best in the state, and we received the honor of being named one of the Best Communities for Music Education in 2006.  Our community is extremely supportive and we do not take that for granted.

Our district is very interested in technology for the students, and I try to use it as much as I can in my classroom.  I love to read blogs of those who use it – so many wonderful ideas out there!!!  Thank you for those who share.  I look forward to adding my ideas to the mix.  Hopefully someone will be able to use them!

3 thoughts on “This is Me and a bit of what I do…

  1. Your job description is a familiar thing for many music teachers. I’m glad to hear you have such a strong band program in your district. I hope you’ll be able to continue to work on building the choir program up.

    The internet is a fantastic way to network as a music educator. It’s sometimes hard to get new ideas when there’s only 1 other teacher in the district that’s doing a similar job to your own. I found your blog off a plurk thread. That’s a wonderful tool. I use twitter too. I’m bmuench on twitter also.

    I can also recommend Carol Broos as another wonderful music education resource. Her classroom site is She’s musictechie on twitter and plurk.

    Hopefully you’ll enjoy the process of connecting musically across the net as much as I have. I’ll be reading your blog through my google reader feed. I look forward to seeing more.

  2. Thank you for your support and wonderful ideas, Brenda! I agree with you in that Plurk and Twitter have become wonderful tools to connect and share ideas! Here’s to sharing even more musical ideas! -Theresa

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